10 reasons for loving summer

I posted this when I first started blogging, for myself, about 7 years ago.

I thought since summer is coming and all these reasons still hold true, I will share them again.

I used to write a lot, photograph a lot and do a lot of publishing related activities, this was 18 year old me. Times have changed, but only in the sense that I now do most of these things with design and code :) Enjoy!

Summer by Alexandra Radu

Summer is a lovely time of year, you have the long days and with a little luck longer, warmer days and sunshine. Why wouldn't one love summer then!? I was contemplating how much I enjoy this season and how busy the days seem to be, of course the British summer isn't as sunny but there are days when it's warm enough and it doesn't rain.

Here are my 10 reasons for loving summer:

1. The feeling of freedom it gives. I know will fade with time because school will end and when you work you don't have 3 months of summer vacation but for now it feels so good to know you have such a lengthy amount of time off every year.

2. The repeating cycle of big changes preceded by it, every 4 years I start a new chapter in my book, passing from one school to another, from one city to a new one, so I anxiously wait for these rare and random summers.

3. The wonderful hot weather perfect for all those trips and relaxing walks, though it isn't true for all the places I spent my summers in, it applied to most of them.

4. Sightseeing, usually in cities that I love or never seen before, because what better time than now when you don't have busy schedules and exams to worry about.

5. Spending time doing nothing, basking in the sun, taking my dogs for a walk, swimming in the river, or just sitting in the shade of a tree reading.

6. The vegetables, fruits and other crops that are harvested during these time. I love making wine, jam, eating all those fruits that are so ripe and delicious in summer, especially strawberries and watermelons.

7. The ice cream and ice cold tea, that make the 45 C heat bearable.

8. Going out and seeing old friends that are home for the holidays, catching up and planning our next reunion. This is what I love most about summer I believe, the fact that everyone comes back to their hometown for a while no matter how far away they live now.

9. The amazing festivals and various concerts, that happen all over Europe, from theatre to film to music to art, there is one for everyone and every taste.

10. The rain, the thunderstorms that go as fast as they came, the feeling of cold drops of rain on my hot skin, and the spectacular rainbows that follow after the sky is clear of the clouds. It feels so refreshing that after a long day of heat and dry air, the rain comes and washes it all away, leaving a cool breeze after it is gone.

Although I love summer, winter is my favourite season as it is followed by spring. I like the immaculate blanket of snow and the sparkly diamonds that dazzle you and that will make room for the snowdrops and patches of grass once spring arrives.

If I think about it, every season is special in its own way and for one reason or another I enjoy each one. What’s your favourite?

Best known as lover of unicorns and all things magical, including data, design and code.

Best known as lover of unicorns and all things magical, including data, design and code.